CEO SPEAKS (June 2017 Issue)

HCVB partnered with NRI Seva to organize and host the GSA World Divine Congress 2017 in Hyderabad. The theme of the congress was centered for interfaith studies and dialogue. The congress was successfully held with support from the State Tourism Department, spearheaded by Mr. Venkatesham (Secretary to Government, Youth Advancement, Tourism & Culture Department). After the event, Mr. Venkatesham was invited to the Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi with the NRI Seva team to meet with the President of India and discuss further on the World Divine Congress.

HCVB has various bids in pipeline with conference subjects ranging from medical, scientific and solar energy. Progress on the same is underway as there is active participation from the local players in Hyderabad. The Bureau is looking forward to engaging in various partnerships in the coming months and is excited to work with the local intelligentsia in marketing Hyderabad.

Upon obtaining this lead in November 2015 at IBTM Barcelona, HCVB is proud to announce that the Halal Tourism Congress will be coming to the City of Hyderabad in 2018 with 700 delegates. The HTC is a unique opportunity for destinations to promote its key sites and tourist attractions as well as to host delegates and organisations from around the world that are keen to develop business opportunities with India-based suppliers. These suppliers include travel agencies, tour operators, financial institutions, restaurants and hotels. The Halal Tourism Conference since its inception has hosted hundreds of VIPs and buyers from around the world who have developed business opportunities with suppliers from across Europe and the Middle East. The first HTC in 2015 was held at Andalucia (Spain) at the Granada Conference and Exhibition Centre. Consecutively, the HTC 2016 was held at the Dedeman Convention Centre in Konya (Turkey) and the recently held HTC was in (Doha) Qatar 2017. A second edition is scheduled in (Jakarta) Indonesia 2017.

The HTC 2018 will expect a plethora of reknowned speakers from all over the world representing the values of halal tourism and will give Hyderabad’s vast pool of intelligentsia and specialists in the field of Islamic Studies a platform to gauge and voice their thoughts and views on the traditions in modern day society.

The various details for the next edition of HTC in 2018 will be declared in the coming HCVB Newsletter editions.

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